Kontras Schriftzug

Def. de: Kontraskulture

[kɔnˈtras kyl.tyʁ]

For each other and with each other. Man grows in the company of other people.
Great encounters and shared experiences connect and strengthen us.
Let's write good stories together, share great experiences and tell them together later.
Sharing is caring.

Kontras No. 482

Anathi Tyawa

Anathi was fascinated by the old Dutch masters of art with a growing desire to create artworks like theirs. He was furthermore fascinated by his ancestors’ traditional wear, a regalia, the skin of a leopard which inspires him to paint events that relate to his culture and the way he personally connects to it. 

Anathi’s art follows the principles of surrealism, mostly consisting of symbolic images.  Candles are often found in Anathi’s art as these are seen by Anathi as the burning hope people have, the spirit of courage.

Kontras No. 482
Kontras No. 482

Thembalethu Manqunyana

Thembalethu hails from the dusty streets of Kwazakhele in Port Elizabeth. Born in 1984, he discovered his passion for art at a very young age and harnessed his skill of painting throughout his childhood and adolescent years. Thembalethu pursued studies at Port Elizabeth College and Nelson Mandela University after which he attained his bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, Politics, Psychology, Art History, Visual Culture and Xhosa.

Inspired by Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat and the exaggeration of African expressionism, Thembalethu’s work is a breath of fresh air. Thembalethu is very spiritual and paints from the heart, he skilfully and purposefully brings together a host of traditions, practices and styles to create a unique narrative.

A true free spirit in a modern world.

Kontras No. 482
Kontras No. 482

Lunga Kama

Lunga is originally from Stellenbosch where he grew up in a community rich in history and tradition. He experienced challenges and opportunities which sculpted his character. Lunga was a proud pupil and student at Paul Roos Gymnasium and the University of Stellenbosch, where he made friendships that opened his perspective and which still guides his everyday life.

While reading a book about Mahatma Gandhi, Lunga realised his dream of becoming a visual storyteller. His goal is to share the rich history and cultural practices that he has encountered.

Kontras No. 482